Berkey Water Level Indicator Tap 13"

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The Berkey Water Level Indicator Tap (also known as Sight Glass Spigot) replaces the original tap supplied with Berkey and ProOne systems. It is a tap with a glass water indicator that is encased in protective stainless steel which allows you to see how full the lower chamber of your Berkey System is. If you are concerned about overflow of the lower chamber this makes it quick and easy to see the water level. 


  • Quickly view the reservoir water level of your Berkey or ProOne system without removing the upper chamber
  • Replaces the standard tap (spigot)
  • Non-drip
  • Durable glass tube in a stainless steel protective housing
  • Genuine Berkey Accessory

The Berkey Water Level Indicator Tap is available in three sizes: 

  • 7.5" for Berkey Travel, Big Berkey, ProOne Traveller, ProOne Nomad & ProOne Big
  • 10" for Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey & ProOne King
  • 13" for Crown Berkey (includes upper retainer)

The Berkey Stainless Steel Sight Glass Spigot kit includes:

  • 1x Water Level Tap with Sight Glass
  • 2x Washers
  • 1x Nut


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