Renovo MUV Eclipse Complete Water Filter Pack

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Renovo MUV Eclipse Complete Water Filter Pack


The MUV Eclipse Complete water filter is for the person who wants it all. Whether you are a survivalist and want the ultimate in protection, or you are an extreme adventurer who needs the very most from your gear, the Eclipse water purifier ensures that your clean water needs will always be met. No matter the situation.

The Eclipse filter is an all-encompassing filtration system that adapts to your lifestyle and the water you need to filter. The Eclipse filter comes with a pump, a gravity bag, and a water bottle to make using MUV filters as easy as possible. Also included in the Eclipse are all three MUV filters. Each of these filters can be stacked to add additional filtration capabilities or use independently. Depending on the water contamination you are filtering, there may be no need to add additional filters. This allows you to preserve the life of your MUV filters and only use what you need and not what you don't. This makes the Eclipse the ultimate water filter system.



  • Collect and filter water using the included pump, 10L gravity bag, or water bottle
  • Filters 99.999% of Bacteria (Giardia, eColi, Cryptosporidium)
  • Blocks sediment and large particulate
  • Filters chemicals, metals
  • Lightweight complete system
  • User replaceable filters
  • Total Weight: 411g (14.5 oz)

MUV1 Activated Carbon Fiber Filter Features:

Unlike traditional activated carbon in powder or granular form, Activated Carbon Fibre is a fibrous adsorbent that has 10x higher adsorption than traditional activated carbon and gives you faster flow rates. Activated Carbon Fibre removes Chemicals, heavy metals, diesel fuel, pesticides + more. Improves taste and odor and clarifies the water.

  • Activated Carbon Fiber filter membrane
  • Filter capacity: 570 Litres (150 gallons)
  • Individual Filter Weight: 28g (1 oz.)​

MUV2 Hollow Fiber Filter Features:

Hollow Fibre membranes are tiny hollow tubes that look like straws. These tubes have a porous membrane wall and works through size exclusion. Clean water is allowed through the membrane while larger contaminants cannot fit through the pores. Hollow Fibre blocks Bacteria, E.coli, Cholera, Giardia, Parasites, Typhoid, Protozoa, Cryptosporidium and Parasites.

  • Filters 99.999% of Bacteria (Giardia, eColi, Cryptosporidium)
  • MUV2 filter can be back flushed for long life
  • 0.1 ultra-filtration Hollow Fiber membrane
  • Blocks sediment and large particulate
  • Filter capacity: 380,000 Litres (100,000 gallons)
  • Individual Filter Weight: 56g (2 oz.)

MUV3 Nanalum Filter Features:

The technology used in Nanalum was developed by NASA as a way to reuse waste water on the International Space Station. The Nanalum module has a strong positive electrostatic charge when wet and attracts and traps organic contaminants. Nanalum removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasites, heavy metals and chemicals.

  • MUV3 filters everything filtered by MUV1 and MUV2 and more
  • Filters 99.99% of Viruses
  • Nanalum electrostatic filter technology
  • Filter capacity: 340 Litres (90 gallons)
  • Individual Filter Weight: 47g (1.65 oz.)

MUV Eclipse Complete Pack Includes:

(1) MUV1 Activated Carbon Fiber Filter

(1) MUV2 Hollow Fiber Module Filter

(1) MUV3 Nanalum Module Filter

(1) Pre-Filter Pre+28 Assembly

(5) Spare Pre-Filter Felts

(1) Out+28 Assembly

(1) Pump

(3) Hose Adapter

(1) Hose - Blue/Clean Water - 18"

(1) Hose - Grey/Dirty Water - 36"

(1) Strainer, Pre-Filter

(1) Mouthpiece

(1) Water Bottle

(1) Water Bottle Tube

(1) Gravity Bag Kit (10L Gravity Dry Bag, Hose Clamp, Quick Connects, and 36" Hose)

(1) Hose Clamp

(1) Bucket Adapter


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