RapidPure Trail Blazer Portable Gravity Water Purifier Filter

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Easily purify and filter gallons of water at camp or on the go with the Trail Blazer Gravity Purifier. The ideal camping water treatment system, this gravity water purifier kit includes a 9 liter bag, hose, and 6.5" RapidPure filter cartridge. Unlike microfilters that rely on pore size to simply filter out bacteria and sediment, RapidPure water treatment actually purifies water using electroadsorption, removing bacteria, parasites, viruses, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and microplastics, as well as filtering out sediment. Thanks to this technology, the Trail Blazer features one of the fastest flow rate on the market, purifying and filtering up to 5 liters of water per minute, all without any batteries, pumping, priming, or special maintenance. RapidPure continues to work even after it has been frozen, giving you peace of mind if the temperature suddenly drops. With RapidPure water purifiers, quenching your thirst is safer, faster, easier, and better tasting.
Easy-to-Use Gravity Filter:
  • Enjoy pure, clean water without the hassle. The Trailblazer doesn't need batteries, priming, pumping, or special maintenance -- all it needs is gravity!
  • Fastest Flow Rate
  • Quench your thirst without the wait. The Trailblazer has the fastest flow rate of any gravity water filter, up to 5 liters per minute, purifying water exponentially faster than other purifiers.
  • Safe Water Anywhere
  • Drink water confidently wherever you go. The Trailblazer purifier removes viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and microplastics.
  • Great Tasting Water
  • Taste water how it was meant to be. RapidPure features activated carbons that instantly remove odors and improve taste, for a water purifier you'll enjoy using.
  • Long-Lasting
  • Stay hydrated and healthy for your whole trip. This reusable water filter exceeds EPA standards for purifying 125 gallons of water, and the filter cartridge is replaceable.
  • UltraCeram Technology
  • Pack the latest innovation as your hiking water filter. RapidPure uses electroadsorption to reduce pathogens 100 times smaller than pathogens caught by 0.2 micron hollow fiber filters.
  • Technology: UltraCeram Technology Purification 99.9999% / 6-log*
  • Effect: Virus Reduction 99.9999%
  • Cyst Reduction 99.9975%
  • Bacteria Reduction 99.9999%
  • Output: 4.1 liters per minute for industry leading performance.
  • Lifespan: 1,000 gallons (3700 litres) for bacteria, cyst, protozoa, giardia, and 125 gallons (470 litres) virus.
  • Carbon Infused: Yes. Providing great tasting water.
  • Third Party Tested: Yes. Certified to exceed US EPA water purification standards
  • Enviromental Impact: Excellent. Replace filter element only.
  • Freeze Resistant: Yes. 3rd party certified as water purifier after initial freeze/thaw cycle and as water filter after multiple freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Ease of Use: Simple and easy. No priming, pumping, batteries, chemicals or special maintenance.
  • Replacement Cartridge: Additional cartridges available
  • Gravity Bag Size: 9 liters
  • Protective Case Included: BPA free Zylar® housing provides rugged durability.
  • Weight: 18.5 oz. (480g)


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