ProOne Scout II Fluoride Travel Water Filter

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Whether on the go, emergency preparedness or just for daily use, be at ease knowing you have clean drinkable water with the Propur® Scout II™ personal gravity water filtration system. Small, lightweight and simple to use, you’ll enjoy Propurified® water with the ProOne® G2.0 slimline ceramic filter. NSF/ANSI-42 certified and independent lab-tested to remove over 200 contaminants including Lead and other heavy metals, chloramines, VOC’s, fluoride & more.

Test results from an independent water testing lab show the ProOne® G2.0 filter removes and/or reduces contaminants including heavy metals, VOC’s, monochloramines, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, Giardia and more without any add-on filters. 


  • Removes bad odours and taste
  • Removes chlorine to 99.9%+
  • Removes chloramines to 99.9%+
  • Removes detergents and solvents
  • Reduces fluoride up to 96.3%+
  • Removes viruses to greater than 99.99%+
  • Removes parasites to greater than 99.999%+
  • Removes Blue-Green Algaes (Anabaena, Eucapsis, Fischerella, Spirulina etc) up to 99.999%+
  • Removes Trihalomethanes up to 99.9%+
  • Removes inorganic minerals up to 99.9%+
  • Removes heavy metals including chromium, lead, arsenic and aluminium to 99.9%+
  • Removes cloudiness, silt and sediment. You can filter creek, river and dam water safely
  • Removes hormones & pharmecuticals up to 99.9%+
  • Removes petrol & oil up to 99.9%+
  • Reduces alpha & beta radiologicals, uranium, plutonium etc
  • Removes herbicides and pesticides including Glycophosphates (ie Round-up) up to 100% reduction
  • Removes PFOA & PFOS up to 99.9%+


  • Lightweight & Portable design
  • Made of durable BPA Free plastic
  • Ideal for emergency prepardness, on the go, camping, traveling or in the office
  • Includes a ProOne G2.0 5" SLIMLINE Fluroride & Chlorine filter
  • Includes a protective carry bag
  • Nested size is 23.5cm x 12.7cm (9.25” x 5”)
  • In use size is 35.5cm x 12.7cm (14” x 5”)
  • 2 Lire (64oz) filtered water storage
  • Weight (incl filter): 470g
  • Replacement Filter: Pro One G2.0 5" Slimline


Brand ProOne
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